WhatsApp Marketing Mistakes

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WhatsApp marketing software has quickly gained popularity over the past couple of years, and if you are looking for an affordable, easy way to target those interested in what you are offering, opting for WhatsApp Sender is something that you should do.

This Marketing Really Works

This form of marketing reaches as many as 90% of those that you target, much higher rates than any other form of marketing out there. But, there are many mistakes that can be made along  the way that can harbor the results and the success that you will see. Here we are looking at 5 common WhatsApp marketing mistakes you must avoid.

Not Having a Plan in Place

Before you begin WhatsApp message marketing, it is important that you have a plan in place. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy swanky, but it must be done after you’ve analyzed your marketing needs, determined how you will use WhatsApp marketing to benefit you and to execute your plans accordingly. Even a simple plan can benefit you greatly.

Forgetting to tell Customers Who you Are

Would you believe that many companies marketing campaigns fail because they forget to tell customers who they are in their message! While it may seem so simple, it is so often forgot. Identify yourself in each and every WhatsApp message that you send no matter the offer that you send. Even if you’re not directly stating your name, make sure that they know who you are with your keywords. Of course, it is best to include your name, with brownie points if you also include website, address, email or phone number.

Sending too Many Messages

It is important to keep customers informed of what is going on, but it is also possible to send to many messages and annoying customers rather than benefit them. This is also known as spamming them and is a good way to scare a ton of people off.

Forgetting a Call to Action

A call-to-action is important to have in every WhatsApp message that you send. All of your offers, whether an event or a coupon, a sale or a charity event, ensure that you are bringing the offer to life with the help of a call to action. Whether it is come on in or visit us, call to actions are a must. One message every 7 to 10 days is sufficient.

Not Double Checking the Message

Errors within your WhatsApp message will show you as an unprofessional and untrustworthy company. Make sure that you check your message as you are writing it and again before you make it the final edit. You do not want a message with tons of grammatical errors going ou to hundreds to thousands of people.