Gorgeous Side Up-do Hairstyles

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Hairstyles for special events are so many and stylists go on creating new once because formal hairstyles are so elegant and inspire the sweet charisma to your image. Formal hairstyles are incredibly numerous and almost all of them have feminine air bit the pictures below are the formal hairstyles that are actually playful and elegant at the same time. Gorgeous side up-do is the style that is really worth detailed mentioning.

Side up-dos have many ways to be styled in, if you want to learn some of them look through the given gallery recommended by Capture Your Beauty By Crystal Luna in San Bernardino of gorgeous side up-do hairstyles to pick up a unique hairstyle for the coming occasion.

  • Sleek side chignon is the style that stands out from others. It is sexy and sensual. But remember that hair should be shoulder length at least to recreate this style. You should moisturize your hair before styling, cause hair must be in the excellent condition. Flat iron will help to make hair sleek, then pull it to one side and use fixating means to maintain its form. Then you are free to design the chignon.
  • If you are not very skilled try to make a wavy side up-do, that also is a popular hairstyle. First of all you should create messy waves, then you will just need to pull them to one side and fix with a cute hair accessory.
  • And finally we come to a style that is oh so popular among our beloved celebrities – a braided side bun. First fix your hair in a side bun to be able to create this style, then the ends should be braided and pulled up in a bun. This style is the most easy-to-do among braided hairstyles. If you appear to have more styling skills you can go for a bun with braided strands. This hairstyle will fit any formal occasion even a wedding.