Read This Before Visiting The Grand Ole Opry

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Your travel trip to Nashville can never be complete without visiting the Grand Ole Opry. Getting the schedule and planning a visit should not be a headache, as long as there is not a big performance going to happen there.

Since it is the most famous place for country music, Grand Ole Opry attracts a lot of tourists to Nashville who are crazy about country music. Opry is usually fully booked, and especially on big performances, you would hardly get the chance to blink when getting a ticket. Additionally, ticket prices always vary, so there is a ticket for every budget.

The Tour to Grand Ole Opry

Just sitting in the grand ole opry hall to watch the acts is not a good idea. In stead, you should opt for a full grand ole opry tour. The tour will allow you to see the historic halls of the house. You can also get a guide while will walk you through the grand ole opry, and will tell your stories of all the different part of it.

Grand ole opry has a wide variety of tour packages available for you to choose from. You can easily choose whatever type of tour package you would like to have to tour the grand ole opry.

VIP Visit

The house also has VIP Visot passes that you can buy to enjoy the concerts from the backstage. This is literally the dream of many country music lovers. For this, you can choose behind the opry curtain tour package to see everything as it happens behind the scenes. You can also stand on the stage when the curtain rises.

So, you must visit the Grand Ole Opry whenever you visit Nashville, otherwise, your trip will never be complete.