Leedon Green – Singapore’s Green Coast

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Leedon Green is located on the northern part of Singapore and is one of the biggest investments made by mainlanders in the country. This ultra-modern shopping and residential development has been built into the concrete core of an old manor house and is now a fully fledged neighborhood. It is home to some of the most high profile retailers in Singapore, offering a wide variety of merchandise ranging from electronics to fashion to fine dining. Leedon Green real estate offers an affordable lifestyle for a large number of Singaporeans. So what can do here is a brief review of Leedon Green, as well as a brief comparison of other projects (just for that case study), and then this will ultimately decide for you whether it s a worthwhile investment that you should seriously consider.

Leedon Green condo has two commercial centers: Leedon Green Village and the Leedon Green Villages. The primary difference between the two is the greater commercialization of the village, with retail shops, hotels and other forms of commercial establishments lining the main roads and public spaces. The larger of the two project is supervised by a major Singaporean developer, who is responsible for the general management and supervision of the projects, while the private residential area is managed by a Singaporean-based real estate agent.

If you are looking for luxury condominiums, Leedon Green would be a great choice. The two-storey building at Leedon Green Village has been completely refurbished and modernized, including the exterior and landscaping, as well as the interiors. On the first floor of the luxurious condominium, you will find the lobby, with an elevator that takes you directly to your apartment or villa. You will find that the elevators are quite comfortable, with large round glass windows facing the Leedon Green hills. One of the major attractions of the development is its exclusive private roads, which connect the gardens condo to the rest of the building.

The building itself has an entirely new facade, designed by architect Simon Singh, and is very sleek and modern in design. Located on the top of the hill, you will find a grand lobby area with a conference and meeting facilities, a fitness centre, a spa and an exclusive shopping centre. There are also a couple of good restaurants, bars and clubs situated close by. The residential units have been designed to be fully air-conditioned, with central heating, and the streets are lined with some of the finest gardens and public open spaces in all of Singapore.

The second phase of this fabulous development is its premier residential area, known as Leedon Park. It is located below the gardens condos on the first level of the project and can be seen by residents as part of the gardens. Designed by award winning architects, the area offers some of the most spectacular views of the city and is one of the most popular areas in Singapore with residents. This beautiful area of Singapore is the centre of the community and has a number of fully furnished condominiums available to rent, as well as serviced apartments, studios, townhouses, duplex units, and even a number of single family homes for lease.

Located next door to the Leedon Green, the Singlish Corner Market is another retailing centre dedicated to selling products from Singapore’s many ethnic Chinese communities. This lively commercial area contains a number of popular Chinese eateries, small shopping centers, and signature cafes. The centrally located and high-uptown location of Singlish Corner makes it perfect for shopping when in need of a break. The residents here pay the same amount of Gross Residual Income as residents of Leedon Green but will get much more square footage for their money with their property here. This gives them the choice of having a large space, or more space, in one of the premier Singapore real estate developments in the country.

Leedon Green has its own promenade, the Leedon Green Marine Walks, which features a one hundred and twenty foot boardwalk along the water. It’s also possible to walk to the ferry that goes to the ferries at the Singapore River Walk, or the Singapore River Bus, making this an easy commute for commuters. Leedon Green features public parks, schools, a shopping mall, government offices, a cinema, a MRT station, and the famous Leedon Green Park, which is Singapore’s main recreational spot for the locals as well as tourists. Located next to the Singapore River Walk and across the Singapore River from Leedon Green are two luxury gated communities known as The Villages, each with its own golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, and party club.

If you want a prime piece of prime neighborhood real estate within easy commuting distance to the city, shopping, restaurants, and the cultural hub of the nation, Leedon Green would be the right place to look for your new Leedon Green condominium unit. This prime piece of neighborhood real estate is located just minutes away from the popular shopping areas in the country, including the popular Orchard Road and the VIC supermarket chains. Leedon Green is also close enough to the popular Singapore beaches, ferries, and other local attractions like the Sentosa Island and the Singapore Zoo to make it an ideal place for tourists to visit as well. You can find many affordable Singapore real estate options such as a Leedon Green Singapore condominium, a fully furnished serviced apartment, or even a private town house with swimming pool in Singapore that offers a great option for families or for individuals who are looking for a home away from home.