Antiaging Powder and Skincare Products

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There are many different aging supplements on the market today. Aging occurs in two different ways, physiological and chemical. Although there is no way to reverse aging completely, using the right products can slow the aging process and make us look and feel younger. Most aging supplements are topical products that help relieve sun damage, reduce wrinkles, and provide antioxidants to fight against free radical damage. CMS-121 powder is one of the most effective of these aging supplements.

Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powders, Fair, Nutritious Skin Care Products – SPF-15, SPF-15M, Rilastil Nutritional Health Products – RILARTIS, Nutritional Health Products – BIO 4000, and Clearasil Professional Cleansing System. It’s the first ever comprehensive antiaging powder with scientific research of skin health built in, with an innovative peptide, balanced mineral base, and powerful antioxidant to deliver effective antiaging results. It has restricted ingredients only. It contains no gluten or wheat. In addition, it does not contain mineral oil, waxes, mineral oil derivatives, or petroleum.

Fair & White – The cosmetic product that started it all, Fair & White were the first over the counter human use – safe, effective and non-comedogenic (hormone-blocking) moisturizer available in the United States. It contained no added fragrances, colorings or preservatives. Unfortunately, after decades, the U.S. FDA has found several instances where the company’s limited paraben concentration was not actually regulated under the banned parabens rule.

Revitol – A great alternative to Fair & White is Revitol. It also contains no alcohol, fragrance, mineral oils or parabens. It was designed by a dermatologist, who wanted products that actually helped your skin, not just cover up signs of aging. It has many moisturizing ingredients that are more effective than mineral oil derivatives, and is the only anti-aging facial cream containing active Manuka honey. It’s also the only one containing regulated sunscreens.

Babassu – The only naturally occurring moisturizer and emollient used by humans. Babassu can be found in many natural and organic skincare products, but because it is made from waxes or cophes, it’s very light, so it doesn’t form a greasy layer on the skin like some other petroleum based moisturizers do. If used consistently and correctly, it will slow down and even reverse skin aging. It is a food-based cosmetic only and is prohibited by law from containing any color added to it, fragrance, essential oils, solvents or synthetic colors. In other words, it’s safe for all of your regular skin care products but not for use on your Babassu-based antiaging powder.

Shea Butter – Did you know that among Shea Butter’s healing powers is its ability to help prevent and treat stretch marks? Shea Butter has been used by native South Americans for many centuries, but it is only recently that commercial cosmetic manufacturers have began including Shea Butter as an ingredient. It’s banned in the U.S. because of the potential for causing allergic reactions, but as long as you stay away from commercially produced products containing Shea butter, you’re fine. Unfortunately, there are no Shea butter-only skincare products available in New Zealand, which is why you’ll have to look for them south of the border.

Active Manuka Honey – In New Zealand, manuka honey has been used for many years as an antibacterial and antioxidant, but only recently has it begun to be used in skincare products. Its antioxidant activity can fight numerous free radicals that cause cellular aging, but the best news is that manuka honey skincare products do not include any synthetic chemicals. That means no fillers like parabens or SLS. That also means no alcohols, fragrances or preservatives, either. Manuka is a natural preservative, which makes it a particularly good choice for antiaging creams and lotions that are prone to exposing your skin to unnecessary preservatives and other chemicals.

Unfortunately, not every cosmetic manufacturer follows the New Zealand regulations regarding cosmetic ingredients and the use of prohibited substances. Some companies sell their products in foreign markets where they don’t have to follow local regulations. To make sure you’re purchasing a high quality and safe product, it would be wise to contact the company selling the products to find out what the company does or doesn’t use in their products before you buy.