Nicaraguan Coffee at Nectar of Life

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Nectar of Life Nicaraguan coffee is grown on an estate high in the Maltagalpa mountains in a very unique soil.  Because of the bold clean flavor our Nicaraguan coffee beans are very popular and our best seller.  Enjoy a great cup of coffee, buy some and see for yourself.

Also available in raw, unroasted bean form.  If you have a home roaster you should try our unroasted, green beans from Niacaragua.  Buy some roasted and unroasted beans and see how they compare. Please note:  Green beans must be roasted prior to brewing, do not attempt to brew unroasted coffee beans.

Nicaragua Estate

Let’s take a tour to our Nicaraguan coffee plant, from where we outsource gourmet coffee beans. Our Nicaraguan coffee is grown in the Isabelia Sierra region or Matagolpa, Nicaragua. The altitude is 4000 feet. It is the Bourbon Caturra variety (Arabica). Shade grown, organic, ecologically wet milled, sun dried. Harvest time is November – February. Certified by the rainforest alliance and is bird-friendly. Back in the 1880’s the Nicaraguan government invited German immigrants to come and promote the coffee harvest. Many young immigrants accepted and formed the core coffee plantations. One of such immigrants who was first to settle the land, grows beans for Nectar of Life Coffee Company.

Since 1920 the farm has exported traditionally grown, quality, shaded Arabica coffee. To this day, the estate proprietors are committed to ecological agriculture and preserving over 400 acres of vast virgin rain forest. They use of organic fertilizer as well as using coffee by-products to make methane gas for cooking.

Nicaraguan Estate Grown Coffee

The coffee is exceptional and one of the most celebrated coffees in the world. It is an example of what can come from a sustainable, organic farm.

Grown in a pristine rainforest where visitors come to see many reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds who call the area home. The estate is a model of sustainable farming and organic living. With over 400 acres of nature reserve, they use solar water heaters, and produce organic foods served at the estate. Nothing is wasted, everything is cycled back to benefit the estate. Wastewater from the coffee production generates methane gas used at the estate. The compost production makes use of the coffee pulp, the coffee husks fuel the estate kitchen. Compost and vermiculture production are just a way of life and used in the nursery and coffee fields.

This is the story of our Nicaraguan coffee production

Coffee production follows a natural yearly cycle. The climax of the year of course, is harvest time, which is in November through February, when the precious red berries are harvested.


Professional Photographer at the Photo Studios

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The presence of professional photographers in photo studios in Ahmedabad provide you with a variety of options for your photos. They also provide an excellent service to all those who want to get their photographs taken by professionals.

There are numerous studios providing services such as photo shoot, wedding photo shoot, magazine photo shoot, film shoot, catalogue photo shoot and film script photo shoot. The photo studios have different sets and backgrounds available at reasonable rates and they are ideal for all types of photography. It is advisable to take the help of a professional photographer for your photographs. These photographers can provide you with a variety of creative ideas. The photographers at the photo studios will also help you in every aspect of your photographs from taking the pictures to the preparation and post-production of the photographs.

In this post, we will give you the tips about the main objective of getting a professional photograph, which is from the photo shoot at the photo studios is to produce beautiful and impressive photographs. To get the best results, you should hire a professional photographer for your photographs. The studios will provide you with high end facilities like a huge backdrop, digital editing facilities, state of the art studio lighting, etc. A photographer will also give you all the information you need to know about the photography business. A professional photographer can make all your dreams come true.

A photo shoot at the photo studios provides you with the facility to interact with other professionals and celebrities who are well experienced in this field. It is also the right place to meet with your friends and family members who would be interested in your photographs. You will definitely feel proud to see the work of the professionals in the studios.

The photo shoots at the photo studios are also very easy to organize. They do not require a lot of money from you and there is no need to pay them in advance. You just have to pay for the entire session, which includes the photography of the entire set.

The photo shoots at the studios will be suitable for any kind of photography. There are many other things that are included in the sessions. One of the major advantages of hiring a professional photographer at the photo studios is that you are not required to leave the venue while waiting for the photographer to arrive.

The professional photographers in the photo studios also offer free lunch and dinner at the time of the photo shoot. If you are attending any function in Ahmedabad during the same day then you will have the option to avail the facility of lunch and dinner at the studios too. This is a great way of spending the extra time. You will not only save your precious time but will also save money if you plan to attend any function in Ahmedabad.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional photographer for the photography of your photographs at the studios. It is important to hire a professional photographer to get your photographs from the photo studios. It is very important to select a professional photographer and never take photographs without the assistance of professionals to avoid any mistakes on your photographs.

Photo studios offer various packages depending on the budget that you have. The package offered by the photo studios should be suited to suit the budget that you have.

Another advantage of visiting the photo studios to get your photographs taken is that it allows you to talk to the professionals who will be handling your photographs. This is very important for you to be able to communicate properly with your photographer. This is also beneficial for the photographer, since he will be able to get a better idea about your photos and how they should look.

Another great benefit of visiting the photo studios for the photographs is that you will be provided with the opportunity to meet the people who have a hand in shooting your photographs. A good photo session at the studios will enable you to take pictures of the people who have played a significant role in your photographs.


Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Attorney

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Before hiring an attorney, it is important that you ask them the right questions and see if they can provide the services you will need. That is because you deserve the best legal representation in the court to help you get justice in all of your valid legal matters.

To do this, you can fix a meeting with your local attorney to analyze all the possibilities. Hiring a local attorney can be beneficial for you, and that is because courts in different areas have66 different sets of rules to lead their procedures. Local attorneys know all the legalities and rules of your local courts, and this helps a lot in many cases.

Here are the questions that you must ask your attorney before hiring him.

Which Legal Area Do You Have Expertise In?

Law is not a small subject and field. There are many different areas of law in which you might need assistance time to time. That is why hiring a lawyer which provides services in one specific area of law that you need help in is very important. The lawyer must have handled cases like yours in the past and must have many satisfied clients.

Depending in the type of your legal problem, you might need a corporate, criminal, family, immigration, personal injury, or a real estate lawyer.

Have You Ever Handled a Case Like Mine?

The reason why lawyers like Costa Ivone, LLC are a great choice is that they have professionals having experience in different legal areas. You can choose the lawyer you need which fulfills your legal requirements.

When a layer has handled many cases like yours in the past, they will know about all the legal hurdles that can get in your way during the case. That is why you should hire the lawyer with enough experience.


Tips You Should Follow When Looking For Antiques And Collectables

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Antiques and collectables are rare items that hold a lot of value. It may seem like it would be difficult to get your hands on one, however, it really is not that hard to obtain one. Of course, not all of the items would be as valuable as the others, but still they will have their own uniqueness and will not go to waste. But before you end up getting one or start collecting, it is important to know how you should go about things. That is precisely why, in this article we have compiled all the tips that you should follow when looking for antiques and collectables.

The first thing that you should be doing is finding a reliable place from where you can buy authentic items as it is very easy to fall victim to scams and frauds when it comes to antiques and collectables. If you are having trouble in finding a place then we recommend Route 32 Auctions as they have only authentic items. However, just to be on the safer side, you should get the items checked by an expert so you can rest assured.

If you are not too keen about investing in watches or clocks, then you do not necessarily have to. Antique items can be many things, such as porcelain signs, dishware, furniture, etc. If you have talent for decoration, then you should go for items that would give the room a vintage look of its own.

Always keep in mind that for antique to be called so, there is a certain age limit, the older an item is the better. 100 years is the minimum requirement for antiques to be called so.


How Different Cultures Can Help Your Sandwich Chain

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Starting a sandwich chain can be a pretty great way to earn money. After all, sandwiches are pretty delicious if they have been made well. What’s more is that you can always find ways to develop newer and better sandwiches. With all of that having been said and out of the way, it is important to note that this is what you should probably focus on the most. The reason behind this is that people are going to be more likely to come to your sandwich shop if it gives them something or the other that they have not yet been able to acquire from any other restaurant that you might have been competing with in your vicinity.

The only problem here is that it can be difficult to come up with different sandwiches. After all, this is a type of food that has been mastered and perfected over centuries, so there is no way that you can come up with something unique if all you are doing is continuing the same tradition for an extended period of time. However, if you were to look towards different cultures you’d find that there are plenty of options worth looking into, with many of them being quite interesting if you think about it.

Different cultures will have different types of sandwiches that you can take advantage of. Most of the time these cultures will offer something that you can’t find in your own country, and doing some research here could potentially be a big help. Jimmy John Liautaud Owner of Jimmy John’s managed to attain a lot of success by breaking away from what was traditionally happening and figuring out better ways of making things work for him.


Custom Credit Card Skins for Stylish Wallets

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Credit cards usually remain profitable than other types of banking. This accelerates issuers by prompting customers to carry more credit cards. With more than 1 million credit, debit, and prepaid cards in circulation, average card owner carries around 3.7 cards and issuers find it difficult to attract new customers. Here comes the importance of personalized cards or custom credit card design to attract potential cardholders.

Nowadays, it’s easy to customize any card and there are plenty of options in credit card personalization as well. Cardholders can choose their own style, APR rate, security features, and even the material type like titanium, gold, plastic or biodegradable. This actually increases card accounts and usage, while adding a stylish card to their wallet.

Create an impression with custom credit cards

No two cardholders are alike; the success of card personalization is something psychological. People are unique and would love to express themselves at different aspects of life.  Even a credit card in their wallet relates on a personal level. Personalization creates a self-image and more likely, it’s a way of branding yourself. When considering it as a basic human need for self-expression while pulling out a card from your wallet. Get custom credit card skins that meet your design requirements.

Gift personalized cards for any occasion

We are tired of searching for unique gift choice and most probably end up with the routine gift ideas. But, today personalized credit cards are an ideal gift choice for any occasion. Credit cards are widely used for cashless payment, while gifting it with specific design, it looks even more stunning.

Family portraits, scenic shots, and pets are the increasing choice on credit and debit cards. Apart from the above listed; there are plenty of opportunities to personalize these traditional cash cards.

Be unique – try DIY approach or custom card cover

It’s not necessary to stick to any specific designs by the issuers. If you’re not satisfied with the given options, try out something unique and customize your own cards. Try out a DIY approach and paint your cards unique. Get custom stickers specially made for bank cards; also get creatively designed stick-on-cards that add more color to your wallet. Redesign your cards with a new or more stylish version!

Technology advances have resulted in 24/7 shopping opportunities, compare prices, products, and services. Brands focus on personalization into their products for effective sales and marketing advantages. Custom credit cards complement this demand for authentic, relevant products and services, reflecting the cardholder’s preference and lifestyles. This enables issuers to connect with their cardholders through specific design! Get stunning cards at the top of your wallet!


Yousweetluxury for Online Clothing Shopping

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Each new season shoppers are bombarded with fashion shows, commercials, magazine layouts, and more showing them all the phenomenal looks that could be theirs in stylish women’s fashion. Women see celebrities setting trends with this designer’s shoes or that designer’s dress and find they too want to look and feel that great when they are dressed to go out, as well. And they can’t be blamed for that desire. That’s why instead of mourning the prices that a lot of women can’t afford, it’s more fun to turn the desire to dress like the privileged into a hunt for the best deals on stylish women’s fashion they too can feel like a superstar in.

For those who are shopping on a budget, stylish women’s fashion can always be found on sale at yousweetluxury, year-round. The trick is to always be on the lookout for announcements regarding upcoming price slashing and events like end-of-year blowouts.

Purchasing the right pieces that can be used multiple times instead of those items that are hot today but done tomorrow always make a wise investment. Many times great savings can be had on stylish women’s fashion at the mid to end of each season as the new seasons collections are starting to appear. It’s a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s hot while not spending a fortune in the process.

Shopping online is another way to take advantage of stylish women’s fashion. Online stores tend to offer more discounts and sales events than their brick and mortar counterparts. A store offering a spring sale with free shipping to boot, can’t be missed and allows women to shop from the convenience of their own homes in complete safety.

Many online retailers also offer amazing deals such as rewards points and other

Stylish women’s fashion in plus sizes also seems to be more easily found when shopping online, as well. For women with more curves to their figure that want to look as up-to-date as their slimmer counterparts, it can be very reassuring to look around online and find gorgeous clothing that look as good as any found in smaller sizes. The same can also be said for those in need of maternity wear. Not every woman who is expecting wants to settle for baggy dresses and delight in finding stores that offer great deals and prices on fashion conscious maternity wear they can enjoy.


Corporate Accounting And Organizations

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Running an organization has more than what meets the eye, and when it comes to financial side of the business and especially accounts management it is certainly a lot more complex than what witness which is just the published record, a lot goes into the planning and forecasting stage, accounting and finances are more than just basic record keeping and putting in inflows and outflows in a software which by the end of the month shows us how profitable we are, there is lot more to it, this is just a mere part of the bookkeeping which is an important exercise as well, corporate accounting or management accounting is required in order to run large sized companies successfully, corporate accounting is important for the company because a lot of decisions are made based upon the analysis and forecast, tax planning and audit compliance is also something that is done here and one cannot emphasize enough on how important it is for businesses to have a great track record when it comes to taxation, because any sort of noncompliance would not only result in a penalty but also loss of hard earned reputation.

For the stakeholders, who are internal as well as external different sorts of financial information regarding the company is required, any investor would look upon several things of an organization before thinking about investment, it is not just limited to going through the published balance sheet or profit or loss statements, analysis and forecasts carried out by reputable third parties are surely valued by potential investors, and you should only get in touch with a reputable accounting firm not only because their work could be trusted much more easily not just by you and your staff but the investors as well, Odoni partners LLC is an accounting firm in Chicago which fits the bill.


What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Buying a Headlamp For Camping?

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Camping can be a lot of fun if you know the right spot and have the right people to go with. I know it sounds clichéd for the most part but as someone who is passionate about camping, it is not that difficult and a lot of great things can be done at camping as well.

However, if you are going, then be sure that you have a good camping headlamp along with all the other essentials so you do not have to end up going towards a wrong experience. I say this because it is very common and we are here to avoid it at all costs.

Below are some of the mistakes that one must avoid during the purchase of a camping headlamp.

Buying Something Cheap

Honestly, wanting something affordable is okay. However, if you are compromising on your quality by a greater mile, we would advise against it as it is not going to benefit anyone. It is better if you invest in something that is actually good in almost all the aspects so you can understand that buying a good product is the most important things that you will have to take care of.

Not Paying Attention to The Features

One more thing that I am going to suggest here is that you should always pay attention to the feature you are going to get. It is better that you don’t settle with something that is not good enough because again, it’s a matter of just what you’re looking to get, in the first place.

A feature less headlamp is not going to do you as good, to begin with and might make your experience a lot lacklustre.


Why It is Better to Forgive If Your Partner Cheats

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The whole idea and the process of being cheated on is one of the worst ones and we have to admit that. However, the thing about cheating on your partner is that it is something that happens to be a lot more terrible than lying or anything else that you could do to them.

Now, here is the thing, if your girlfriend cheated, or your boyfriend did that. You have to understand that it is better that you are keeping everything in mind. Forgiveness is such situations is not going to come easy but sooner or later you might have to do it, and that is what’s most important.

That is why we have decided to talk about some of the reasons why it is better to forgive your ex.

It Helps You Feel Better

If you don’t forgive someone, it will only continue to grow inside you and will bother you every time it comes up. Some people are just better at hiding but an implosion is always imminent when you are talking about this. Therefore, for your own peace, it would be better that you opt for forgiveness as we don’t want any harm to come.

Forgiveness is Better For Everyone Involved

I know it might sound difficult to a lot of people but in reality, forgiveness is something that is going to be better for everyone involved. Not just you but the person who cheated on you as well, as well as everyone else. Holding grudges doesn’t do anything other than making everyone bitter and second-guessing everything. Therefore, the ideal thing would be to opt for forgiveness even though it is going to be really, really difficult for most of us.


Get Flashy on Promenade Night

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The prom is among one of those occasions in one’s life which should not be missed every time you go down that memory lane. It is the happy remembrances of youthful love, of close friends, the tricky teenage life period, the difficult puberty, along with the awkward first times that is usually thought of once you think of prom.

It is that once a year event when you want you can look your best to feel your best. It is that function that requires a knockout clothing which will go with your knockout diet. Since it has been an event that simply girls enjoy, learn about the boy’s side on this night of glitz and glamour called the high school prom.

To start with it would be best if your date, if you are intending to go with one, could inform you the color of her dress. This coordination will be perfect for you both as you may both do not want to appear in clashing colors. Now it’s very easy to get ties or waistcoats that will complement a color or a material of a gown or dress so this should not be a problem. Considering that we have established that if you are going to look back at these memories when you are older and decide to go down memory lane, it’s always best to have a cool but timeless attire.

Use cufflinks to have your coat that slick look. Ties and waistcoat will always make your attire appearance elegant and sharp. It truly is best to go along with monochromatic attire all the way through but ensure that you add a splash of color to boost your clothes. This might be carried out by using some other material and colour of neckties and waistcoats. I found a nice shop that sells neckties and waistcoats, check them over at

For your extras, it is known that belts are unneeded when already wearing waistcoat but proceed to wear a belt if this would carry out your style. Be certain that it is going well with your dress shoes. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are certainly, very important so you should definitely cut your hair, anywhere it may be, get it designed in a luxurious and trendy look.

Sprinkle your favorite cologne and be cautious to not smell too strong. Whether it’s needed, wear watches, necklaces and various accessories yet, be careful so you won’t look far too dressed up. Keep in mind that less is more. Adding a fashionable hat could possibly be part of the ensemble if accurately harmonized with all the entire attire.